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Warm & playful, fun & flirty, high energy, or Cool & smooth, perfect for all your imaging needs. Always fun, always right on! All formats: A/C, CHR, Classic Rock, Pop, Smooth Jazz, Oldies, Country, Christian, etc.

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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sounds even better with the heat on full blast. And the windows down mighty to some radio stations. Just play this kind of music. Others just play this. Believe me. Just, we play both warm 98 real at work music variety. We travel wherever you do download our free app and listen line anytime, anywhere. The music's awesome. 100.7 L E. V. It's more continuous soft rock. And the best conversation Jenna in the morning on 89. FM. Okay, settle down. Class is back in session and it's time to call attendance flatten Rachel. This is way Jason weekend. The is that spelled right? Are you ready for 50 minutes of fresh music? Just keep her. But know how to rock it tight. T shirt 95.7 the wolf. Hey, we're just like you said, we've got the microphones and the website Lock 92 dot com. Text a friend. Tell him you heard it here. 1st 94 9. The X. We have the country music. We like to play it for you. It's just that simple. You're inside. Another long run of nonstop countries. The triceps country lease, Coyote Country one oh four. Running over yet back to one oh 27 rodeo. Radio, music, Variety zero chatter. What will we play next? Milwaukee's Music Variety 94 5 Lake. FM.