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Upbeat, friendly, authoritative, male, burly, gruff, biker, narrator, sports announcer, announcer, redneck, cowboy, southern, crazy, drill sergeant, humorous, impressions, nerd, newscaster, scottish, sincere, smooth, superhero, tough, warm, youthful, energetic,British, cockney, scottish, irish.

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian British (General) North American (General)


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Why the sad face. Little one happiness. You must make happiness, make the air smell better. The sun shined brighter your soul, more beautiful. They say that a good dinner is much about the guests as the meal. And while Chef Marcel has certainly given us a delicious repast. It is all of you who might consider the treat on brothers company. The makers of Compass toilet soap. Bring you the end radio theater. I have witnessed their capacity for courage. The party like us. There's more to them. Yeah. Damn chipmunks have invaded our show. I can't keep these characters out drunk the country. It's not a pleasure. Visit the station on the radio or even a state of mind. You march. Stop smudging my butt with your thumbs. Boobies homie. Get your hands off. Go. Hey, what are you doing? Oh, I'm just gonna sit here and make some uh posts on Facebook and uh make them really vague. I'm gonna a vague post. Oh, so you just want to know if somebody really likes you? Is that the problem? Um Maybe. Oh, does somebody need a hug? New Yorkers are lucky to live in apartments that do not have chimneys but sneaky center will always find a way into your home. So employers are trained to attract and retain totality. A strong benefit of program is a great place to start. Good man. The last wave by crying, how bright their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, rage, rage against the dying of the light. All right, you head hunters fans. This week, the team traveled to beautiful Colorado to hunt massive bull elk right from the first sparks of life farting has been an integral part of life. People are overwhelmed. They have too much work and they're under pressure to deliver. Come to the Sacramento Zoo for your safe Halloween Zoo. Welcome to the madness, baby. It's your voice. Your own time on the Bill Benet morning in America radio because if it's hard enough to be poolside, it's time to call Acme appliance for a $79 ac tune up to stay cool inside ****. Who's gonna blow up a candle? Well, I think you can do better than what? Well, hello there. Whose birthday is it today? Is it Donald's birthday? The US open July 19th to the 21st on ESPN. Welcome to Inc. That's your puzzles for honey. I'm Cuba ws us. That was fast at Les Holy David. And they call me to greet me every time I hear a holiday cliche. I want to kick Santa in the jingle bells. We are unsure as to why? But this telephone has a reverb bring to your attention. Our big event, the Simpsons movie which opens tonight. It screens all over Roma. We're ready to go when you are. He don't forget about me. See Montgomery Bons. I boy, these guys really suck. I be a sponge Bob. If you listen the best morning show above the sea each time now for a glum and Glows recycling bin. Let's see what kind of junk is left over from yesterday's show. And I want some of your money. It really hard to say that I got so drunk for the better part of shatter. I slipped in and out of a coma four times that my lips do. Yoda dynamite. Hey, you don't see a National Fast Workers Day tomorrow. All right. Kitties. Are you ready? 10.