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In December 1948 near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Military and commercial aircraft reported multiple sightings of green luminous objects flying through the air. No other evidence anything to come to show that these were meteorites. That was probably despite their best theories. Scientists and military personnel were never able to explain the origin of these green fireballs. Grammy winning singer Chris Cornell was the dynamic front man of Seattle grunge metal pioneers. Soundgarden's Soundgarden's was the first band to be approached by major labels. In Seattle. He wrote the band's most iconic song, Black Hole Sun. In just 15 minutes. Cornell is near four octave range. Captivated fans made him one of the truly memorable voices of a generation. Water on this side of the cliff is being filtered through the porous sandstone. Many harmful pathogens will be removed, but there is still a danger that the water could be contaminated. I get under there and hold my mouth open. You think I'd be all right. It's a risk, but I'll do that right now. Now that Marco and Naomi feel more hydrated, they will need to build shelter before the extreme thunderstorms reach the canyon. This giant three story craftsman style Imagine was built in 18 90. Though it is full of charm and character, every inch of its 4200 square feet means a lot of work. Do you think? What have you got? Nothing to on this one. This one is well, with the first story complete. Now it's time to move on to create a better layout of bedrooms and bathrooms. On the second and third floors is Lieutenant Joe Canda and his team dive into the victim's personal life. They uncover a disturbing secret that gives them the piece of evidence they need. So maybe this murder is a result of a drunken brawl turned deadly. 20 minutes later, police swarm the armed suspects apartment, putting them one step closer to solving this case.