2021 Nonfiction Audiobook Demo Reel



A selection of samples from my recent work in audiobooks

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the responsive agile coaching model is a flow based approach to conducting agile coaching conversations. The model is composed of four moves which will help organize the rest of the book and all the associated concepts. The best tools we have are the natural adaptability and resourcefulness of humans, but in the name of all that is sacred, let us be guided by wisdom and applying them. But the desire to make gold must always have been a very powerful incentive to determining men to attempt the laborious discipline of alchemy and with them. As with all men, the love of money was the root of much evil cultivated meat. Also known as cultured lab grown, cellular or clean meat has been in development for around two decades and according to scientists working on the various components that make up the production of cultivated meat is rapidly progressing toward production for consumers. It's almost that time of year again, you know it well. The evening itself is usually filled with friends, fond memories, laughter and fireworks and the promise of another brand new start for many years. This was a time of the year that I dreaded, narrated by WD Carney. Mhm mm.