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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight on public matters terror way take to the streets to ask the citizens of the Tri County tune area what terror means to them. Well, I don't know what we're coming to A really don't owe. It Seems to me as if the entire world's gone off its axis. No eyes great about being a goods tinky smell in Prince Umbrella t scared anything can be. It's awful. We got planes falling from the sky. You got crazy people driving over kids. It's all terrifying. Forget about it. The Earth has never been a safe and secure place. Most of it is uninhabitable. Too hot, too dry, too high or too low when you're everything terrifying. I don't buy a mosquito once and had to go to the hospital for three days. What terrifies me? Target located. And that's all for tonight. I'm Hailey, Slamon and Mrs Ben. Public matters