A selection of my radio drama and audio drama work. This includes my award-nominated performance 'Jane ' in A Season's of Changes

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) Welsh


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I don't believe it. I don't bloody believe it. I've only been here five minutes and I'm already breaking things. Stupid. Stupid. Go away. Just go away. Come around here. Being a blooming nuisance. Not great. Hello? Look, I'm really sorry, okay? I knocked the vase over. I'm sorry, but the kids, I'll call the police. I will. I'll call the police, then. You'll be sorry. Hey, look, it was an accident. You don't have to get the police involved. I'm sorry. Okay. Hello? Hello? Brilliant. Just what I need right now. A crazy old man. It could only happen to me. Find somewhere to pull myself together and end up living next door to a nutter. Yeah, I'm very habit voice pack 100% installed. What do I sound like to you? Do I sound funny? I sound funny to me. Is everything all right? No, not really. Oh, my dear, I'm fine. I'm a good listener. I came here to check everything was all right with you. It's really no trouble. Why don't you tell me what's happened? I've just finished a relationship a bad one three years. I've thrown away on a complete loser. I gave him money. But my dad left for me to do something with my life. Money that's been wasted on him and his ex girlfriend. He was still seeing her. You took her to Edinburgh. Said he was going for a meeting that would save his business. Spent the last bit of money I had on a dirty weekend. Sorry. Whatever. For Mrs Evans, You first notified the police after hearing a suspicious noise. Yes, I did. It was an interesting noise. I had never heard a noise like that before. Which is why I knew something was definitely wrong. It was like he'd been backed over the head and yelping in pain. Actually, I did hear the noise too. And I'd say it sounded more like a cat who had his tales right now. But I did hear the noise sooner because it was on my side. Yes, Gwenda, but I would have heard it more clearly because it was facing in my direction. Yes, but I did ring the police first, didn't I, Gillian? Yes, Gwenda, but I did try to get through to the police and I was put on hold. Yes, it was hard to get through great. Thank you. Oh, that's disappointing. Are you saying you'd like me to change my voice back? Spoil sport? Hang on. Let me just find the uninstall command. There we go. Oh, no, wait, Hold on. Something hasn't worked.