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Here's my Skyrim, Hand of Fate 2, Halloween stories plus others demo of my video game voiceover work over the last couple of years

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Middle Aged (35-54)




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just give me a name. The hunter becomes the hunted. Let's go then. My time is precious. The claws have your compatriot. Then we have a common enemy. Dead men tell no lies. My enemies have taught me well. These streets are mine. My daughter has been ill since she was a child. No medicine can help her, but there is a way to save her. I mean, it's kind of a sweet storey when you think about it, right? Love? Stronger after last. Even when you become an undead killing regime. Going easily and not causing any trouble isn't really how we do things. Sorry. Time for the Hannah. But no contingency was made. In the event of my incompetence. The doctor rubbed off. I'm committed to that sanitarium of yours. Oh, hope be ever living a normal life again. Who will be lost? I'd rather not hurt you. I will, but I'd rather not