Teen / Young Adult Female Character Voices - Girl-Next-Door, Tomboyish



Several raw clips from characters voiced in the past year

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


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maybe the tadpole bit him or ate his toys or um, or wait a minute. What is a tadpole? Oh, okay. Okay. So the tadpole ate his bicycle and that made him sad. Tell I have a new friend for you. I'm blake sports lee and this is sports channel tonight. Top story tonight. Can dogs drive race cars more on that later. Oh, I sure hope the answer is yes. Couldn't have said it better myself. If you're just tuning in news alert, my partner is a hoot when you got it kid, you got it. Now let it shine. Nice work. Rookie. I'm gonna take off these training wheels. See if you can keep up now. That's what I call skill. See that marker over there. I remember the first time I ever set foot on the pitch. It was a balmy day back and hey, are you even listening? My parents decided to move and start over in a small town. Just like every average american movie. I wasn't bothered much about my new school because I was known as the invisible girl and the added advantage was that I knew how to spend time alone. Tonight's the night. Finally tell her, I'm so glad you made it. Now. Come on. Let's go before we lose the light. Hey, look over there. That is the migration. You know, this only happens once every 200 years. You're really going to miss this. Come on. Tonight's going to be perfect. So be, I actually had something I wanted to talk about. Uh, well I'm not sure how to, uh, well let me just give you this first, it'll explain everything.