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Thanks for collecting the stones in one place for me that would make it easier for me to take them after I defeat you. An ancient lost colony is buried far below this town, foul creatures lived here thousands of years ago, but were forgotten with time. Fire Island is no place for the weak of heart. You'll need all of your wit, strength and agility to master this place and gather the Firestone. We will help you fight against dagger Roth recruit Landis by giving them iron on. Let's free blooms fear once and for all. There's still a long way on our path to freedom. Let's not be hasty please, my friend. Place the stone in the corner of earth and be gentle. My dear lords, the Queen and I have gladly been the rulers of village kingdom for many years. We have served this kingdom with dedication and love. But now it is time for us to retire and retreat to one of our enchanting villages. We seek someone who can take our place as ruler of village kingdom and protector of these lands. I am brahma, captain of the Wizard dale God, and protector of the High Council. I will brief you on current events. Harsh times have fallen upon Wizard Dale and we seek a hero to turn back the time. I know that you aren't born yet. I realize that you have a lot of hopes and expectations and I don't want to sound pessimistic. It's just my duty to whisper these few words in the ears of every Fotis. You must understand something about the life you're about to face out there, everything. It's temporary, you your memories, your your dreams and feelings, this stuff, and more importantly, the people you love and hate their places in your heart, in every pleasure in pain. It's all going to vanish at some point in time. You might be so young to fathom such a fact, or just not brave enough to admit it is the way as a human being, you'll have to deal with it. I know that's a lot to take you into your age and I can't help feeling that. I've said too much.