Funny Women Characters for Animation and Cartoons



The bottom line is - this lady is funny... and when I say this lady, I mean ME! These characters I took from bits of my standup comedy. It is my dream to be in an animated movie. Here is my work so far. One of these characters is in the Boo Hag Audio Book already. I'm great with improv too.

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Jamaican (Patois) North American (US South)


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more laughs coming up right after TMZ people are asking me every day, how do you find an apartment in the Big Apple? I'm like, well that's the easiest thing in the world to me. You just, you just go down to one of those bodegas, you know, whatever they call them in the hood and uh, and you get a newspaper and you look in the obituaries. I mean there's so many apartments in there. See I told scrap it, I wasn't even sure if I was going to be on the show because I didn't want to ruin my good career at family dollar. Okay, I can have a family and a career at the dollar. Loving hip hop, family dollar loving hip hop, family dollar. I said baby, you're not fooling me, boo boo. You're fooling your damn self honey. I have to, I have to park like that. Yeah, my husband is coming home late anyways. My husband gonna park when you get home. Yeah, that's why everyone's double parking around koreatown honey. I'm sorry. Maybe there's something around the corner. Okay. You know, I love you otherwise, bye baby. Make me tell you one thing straight gal right now Have a mountain of tool. Birds and one stone and I'm fleeing the stone. Does't mean the other bird that will fly away. Your face looked confused. Listen, take one token is, you know exactly what we say? Everything mr delay. Hey, I you Oh yeah, I was giving me a give me a call and see, did you remember the girl and uh, I was in the second or 3rd grade class with you. She might, she might have been like uh Maybe reverend green daughters complexion and there were two ponytails. Yeah. No, I don't, I can't even think of her name, but maybe I was about 10 and I had picked you all up. Oh, you don't remember? No, I would just just just goes to call and tell you that. Yeah. The guy who fixed her car die. Alright, I'll talk at you later. Okay ma'am I see you have the two emotional support animals right here and I see you have the doctor's note as ordered and yes, I did check with about six or seven supervisors and they all said yeah, but let me just do me a favor and just wait right here while I check with two or three more. You know, you just can never be too sure. And I just want to make sure that two animals can fly for free. Okay, so just wait right here and let me just get two or three more on the line to make sure they all said yes. And that way you won't have any problems going down the ramp with you're too emotional support animals. Okay man, you listen here ***** and you listen Good. Yes, I have to emotional support animals flying for free. That's because I believe in animal rights. These are working animals. I'm not just gonna let these animals work all day and not give them a lunch break. That's why I have to because when one animal is out for a smoke or on the cellphone I just cuddle with the other now get me a wheelchair and someone take me through the priority line. Hello Miss Matty. Oh just catching up on some personals. Taking time to myself. Well that would never do child. We've hardly said two words to each other since you arrived. Why don't you have a seat sit a spell with me? Super chicken head. Somebody super chicken super chicken head. There's a tag on your sunglasses. You know, I gotta return these two ball super chicken head. Gonna take care of that for you girl. Don't you worry. What type of low life I leave you without cable. Now if you don't got a super chicken head in your neighborhood, I got a new 1-800 cellphone hotline. Call me on 188 a chicken head. Okay. You see hot sauce And it ain't easy to be a super chicken head baby. But I guess it's done. No. Mm hmm. Yes. Mhm.