Josh Smith Character Demo



Produced by Jay Sharp

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) Trans-Atlantic


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Anyone can make a bet, but a real man makes a bet with everything he has. So what do you say? Are you man enough? You know what your issue is? You don't listen, you don't listen to people, you talk and you talk and you never stop to hear anyone else. That's why they all left. That's why everyone left. And now, well, now you broke the last friendship you ever had. Hey, there you are. I can't believe my eyes. I didn't think you'd come back around these parts of town. So what do you say? We make some coin? You got someone in mind for me to get rid of everyone. Rise. The Majesty has declared that henceforth, any outsiders must report to him. If they do not, then it will result in death. Now, I know that affects a lot of you. So with my deepest condolences, good riddance idiots. It's about time someone kicked you from the kingdom. All right. Shut it for a minute. I need to get my head straight. So you're not the guy. Are you not the hero? I did my whole evil monologue and now you decide to fess up Well, now I'm gonna have to kill you, you know, too much yada, yada, you know the whole deal. Sorry. Those are the rules, sir. I cannot work under these conditions. The tech team is gone. The stagehands are practically zombies and my co star doesn't even remember their lines. What does this say about this theater department? Practices?