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Mood Tape for Louis Vuitton.
Bold, luxurious, confident.

Vocal Characteristics


English (British)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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18 50 for Louie Vito Travel Adventure Exploration Odyssey Put your life in a Louie Vito trunk Cast off when cars were not even a dream when planes were too young to fly when liners were fuelled by steam. Travellers, Pioneers, Extravagant beauties Time goes by First plants Millennium Wake up in Barcelona Have lunch in Copacabana. Video call in Shibuya. Bienvenue to the global space time New frontiers inside Inside our minds inside their heads, Inside our world's invisible boundaries waiting to be crossed. It's your job. You're the pilot. Where do you want to land? Go where they think you can't move on When they say Stop, Push walls open windows create space Mark Fears tickle conventions Magnetised status quo These new territories to conquer. Believe in your road lane Charm is your chauffeur. Time to go now We're coming with you, Louie! Vito! For those who dare to move from tears