Angry (feet) --- poem, Australian, Tim Minchin, adult humor

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A humorous poem by Tim Minchin

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There's just a little a little thing. My my therapist said that it would help me to get, you know, to let my feelings out to to say things out loud to people, um, you know, just to, like, throw it out there So it's not bottled up in me. So this is This is a little poem. It's called angry and then in parentheses. Feet. Sometimes they get a bit angry, but you couldn't tell No, you couldn't tell unless you looked real closely. Sometimes I get a bit angry, but it's all right. Yes, it's all right, because I keep it out of sight. Inside. Deep inside, I breast fed till I was nine, which might Quick Doctor says he's fine, and he also says, I deal with anger better if I wrote about myself in a poem or a letter. My mother was a stupid ***** caring lady. She taught me all I know. Although I was a little slow, she never gave up. She never let me flood down, although she spent a lot of time at the neighbor's house. When my dad was out of town, I didn't walk till I was seven or talk till I was 10. But neither did Napoleon. According to my contact ******* doctor who has certificates in frames to substantiate his dodgy ******* claims. My father left my mother for the love of ******** another. And I have a ******* brother who I've never really known because my dad moved up to Greenland and he doesn't have a ********, you fat **** telephone. In primary school, I had trouble making ashtrays. What friends? An issue which has become somewhat of a trend, the origin of which I cannot pretend does not perplex me. Although my crack ******* doctor says it's cool and that loads of burnt brick shut up enough that kids at school have problems with communication. And that, of course, some medication would be wise and combined with more honest self expression, could help me with my issues with emotional repression. And at 100 and 80 bucks a session, I think I'll take that thieving fat ******* chaps advice. I quite like porn photography and books on guns history, and I'd like to be a politician vet, and I feel as I get older, I'm more in control of my violent tendencies. And when I die I die, I'll have no regrets. And I feel that all this writing is really puffy, exciting and my practise right doctor would be proud because I feel a lot less angry and I'm saying stuff out loud and I'm letting my anger out like today in our last session when I taught a quick lesson because he said, I'm not progressing, said I wasn't moving forward. So I said, Let's see how you move without your ******* legs And I tied him to his chair and I pulled out my machete and I listened to him beg, and then I cut his ******* feet off, and while he lay there bleeding, I used his feet to kick him in the head.