Bikey Wars --- Australian, musical, adult humor

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A cover of the Aunty Donna song Bikey Wars

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Young Adult (18-35)




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I'm a bikini man from a bikini gang living in the crackdown, making crackle of killing, thieving and extortion. Give me 20 bucks. I'll give you an abortion. I love cocaine and selling it to kids. Charged 54 announce and my dad used to funk me repeated namesake from a rival gang. Give me the drugs or I'll go back. I'm a real rough look. I'll murder your wife. Give me the drugs or you're being strike. No, he's got the drop on me Lucky I've got a trick up my sleep Bang big bang bang, bang, bang, bang, bang bringing it back and shoot you with a bullet in his head. Bing, bang, boom! And he's been dead. We'll stop right there. I'm a crooked cop. Give me a bribe while the drugs will stop. If you know your Gangsters are such big rough ease, I'm gonna put you in handcuffs. Oh, no, It's the boys and blue What the **** am I gonna do? Bang, big bang A bigger bang bang, bang, bang bangity bang And shouldn't shoot a bullet in his head Bing, bang, boom! Hello that I'm just a passer by and bang bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, boom And a war I have a wife Oh Mm, Yeah. Oh Oh,