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some 100.1. I'm Jane. It sounds the title track from his latest album, That's Turks. Pendley in Black. Mark your calendars. This is a fun one for the whole family. The kids absolutely eat it up, and so did the big kids to tens of trucks is coming up Wednesday, April 26 from 47 in the target wing of the Columbia Mall. If you've ever wanted to climb around inside a police tire without handcuffs on from the back seat, like willingly, this is your chance. Come sit inside a police car, a fire engine, a dump truck and ambulance, all the fun trucks, the big ones and little ones and just everybody's out. It's like a big old truck festival on the Target Wing parking lot of the mall. It's super family friendly. You've got people with strollers. It is just awesome. If you've never done it, it's tons of trucks. It's absolutely free. April 26 of the Columbia Mall with 100.1 Nashat found. Keep it right here. We've got another name station on the way with Lady antebellum Brett Eldredge and Chris Young Up. Next on, ASHA found Nashif I'm shout out to the bartender down at the Tiger Hotel when I told him I don't really drink much anymore because I kind of outgrew that stage in my life for handing me the cranberry vodka with about 75% vodka. Yeah, I noticed. Here's Lady Antebellum, Monash FM and FM, 100.1 I'm Janice Downs, brand new from Blake Shelton. That's every time I hear that song. So in case she didn't get that email Yetter, it got knocked into your spam. They just announced yesterday. The Columbia Public School Board of Education has approved a revised calendar for the rest of the year. So because Columbia public schools utilized to winter weather days earlier in the school year, the last day of school has been moved to May 25th. That means two more days of school for when they were originally scheduled to get out. On the bright side, May 25th will also be an early release day, so you only have to go have day stick around. We've got another Nash Nash on the way with Dan and Shea, Brantley, Gilbert and Luke Bryan up next on Ash. I found this guy got his start playing bars and honky tonks in California and in Nashville when he gives most of the credit to the Whiskey Bent Saloon on Broadway in Nashville as a place where his career really took off. Here's John party on Ash. I found the chef from 100.1. I'm Janice Down, Brand new from Lady Antebellum. Holy Cow. Did you catch that? One of the A C M awards. Truly, absolutely. One of the highlights of the night that you look good. Hey, want to give a quick congratulations? Shadow to Mrs White's creative writing class over Hickman High School in Columbia. Her class won the Gold Key award in the 2017 Missouri Scholastic writing competition. It's actually the highest recognition for artistic work in the entire competition. So congratulations to all her students that Sophie Krog, Amanda Nicholas **** here Across and Kylie Williams That is so awesome, You guys, Congratulations from us. Stick around. We've got another Nash Nash on the way. It was Sam Hunt, the Zac Brown Band, and Lauren Alaina. Next on Ash, found