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Jas Patrick videogame 2019
Video game , cowboy , folksy , southern , action hero , exertion , sad , somber , powerful , old man , grandfather , young man , young adult , excited , scared , senior , wizard , cruel , angry , exasperated , goblin , sneer, sneering , amusing , comical , funny , fun , cartoon , pirate , wise , explaining , storyteller , storytelling , narration , orc , battle scream , fighting , grunts , grizzled , guttural , gritty , gnarled , resonant , alien , insect , creature sounds , scary , monster , laughter , laughing , believable , authentic , acting , acting chops , wizened , jovial , approachable , likable , friendly , guy next door , super hero , hero , king , knightly , knight , warrior , emotional , motivational , masculine , mature , elderly , tough , strong , flirty , attractive , silly , commanding

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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just stop. Would you just stop talking? I did everything I could to protect him in the dine. Anyway, they're dead, and I'm still breathing. You don't know anything about how that feels. And here I was starting to feel a popular. Okay, Two choices beg for mercy and die or leave to my almost certain death. Okay, So you thought you could solve real problems by culturing a demon, John? Never learn. Yeah, I'm on it. Just got to get around the idea this'll fabric is Dad is not supposed to happen. Ask yourself. Is this what a hero looks like? Beaten, broken humiliates it. Don't you think the well deserves someone better? I wasn't even supposed to be here. Suffering is my suffering. Your injustice, mine, way can and we will be free. Flames cleanse our body and our souls in the pain. Glorious pain. Cruz improves that we're worthy men will follow you and fight for you for two reasons. Treasure and fear. And I didn't become captain by giving away me gored climbing. That's what goblins do best after sneaking, heightening stealing. Of course you are no match for May your blood is mine for glory feeding time more