A Box of Tales Podcast Episode - \"A Race for the Tracks\" sponsored by Red Dead Redemption 2



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nearly month back, a couple of gentlemen, we're handing out free servants of moonshine one and all salute that I had no problem with. Not one bit. It was the rocks, a follow between them and a little more Raiders I didn't ask for. I don't know how or why it started, but soon enough a shootout took place. Once that happened, everything shut down for us. Here in Rhodes, the gunfight stirred up animosity between the brake, Thwaites and graves once again and in turn made everyone else take up arms. Worse yet, there's now some of them Pinkerton agents in town. Supposedly one of the men serving the moonshine that day was involved with some botched robbery cross flat iron late at some town named Blackwater. How's a man supposed to make a living in such states? Things are difficult enough as it is for me, and my partner, so we can do is hire ourselves out as general labor. One. Prospects are low on finding, but since the plantation families at each other's throats again, work soon became scarce commodity. I'm lucky if anyone's willing to trust me with so much as a plank of wood, these days. And so I entered the saloon in need of a drink with a little change had left on. Inside was my partner. Derek will send a bar. Bottlenecks to Derrick is a man of broad shoulders with a beard blackest cold that covers at least top three buttons of the shirt. My entry got his attention and no one that work problems needed. We made towards the back of the bar claiming vacant seats upset the entrance, the bottle kept close at hand. God damn Pinkerton's cursed Derek under his breath before taking another swig from the bottle. God damn breaks and graze. What the **** are we gonna do now? Another swig. Then the bottles past me. That whiskey was warmer. That and stop me from drinking a sharp bitter takes longer back on the throat, wiping much in clean. I listen to Derek carried out way. Should have left this town that night, you know? And I both know it. Yeah, you're probably right. Derek Ask. Does he removed his bowlers hat reveal in the head with a little hair cos whiskers saved a few strands resting over the back of his neck Way gotta do no wagon coming in around is an easy ******. ****, Last time we tried a nearly got my head blown knocked off. You don't need to remind me the last I remember. Well, no way should have left for Saint Denise. Plenty of wagons added snatching. As far as I know, none of these pickets and fricks hanging about 10 parts notes. Too late for that way. Have little corn for the trip east. No way. Stick to what would do but we were always planning on. How do you reckon we do that, old man? Hendrickson should be making his way back to down any day now with fresh goods to sell. Being easy target for us. Maybe a blood derrick is a sample. Henry always travels with a full wagon. It most likely will have extra security, but he's cheap and its cargo alone fish. Good coin. It's not a man I'm worried about. What word reaches either of the families or even the Pinkertons? Then we waste no time way. Sell the cargo, keep the horses, and, if need be, head out before anybody has a chance to stop us. And if we're recognized, that won't happen. Just keep your face hidden in your head low and no one will be the wiser. Silence prevailed as they took the bottle from will, driving my doubts and worries what neither he nor I was willing to say It was. What would happen if the bandannas and hailing bullets failed, prevent our names from adorning fresh one posters. In truth, it was a subject I didn't wish to discuss in Fear said and Derek Out salute was hat in one hand and a bottle in the other. In the midst of five, he was solid. Trouble was getting him ready for one, and there's no need to further complicate the situation ahead of ours. For the last of the whiskey drain, we set the bottle side and made our plans clear. For the next few days, the last few would most likely over spending roads.