A Box of Tales Podcast Episode - \"A Race for the Tracks\" sponsored by Red Dead Redemption 2



An episode for the Box of Tales Podcast, sponsored by Red Dead Redemption 2.

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three days came and win as we secured horses from the stables or not before the job. Anderson always rode with one of his two sons, Tyler, or dealer, as a means of cheap company and even cheaper security. The young man often have a burning desire to prove themselves. The chances of either his son's holding their own, we thought, was rather unlikely, as most folks tend lack courage. When standing before loaded pistol shadows began receiving along warn trails, we waited, hidden away in the underbrush, horses saddled and arms at our sides. My cigarette glowed fresh with fire and ash before the dying embers faded once more. It was the last amount. Tobacco, making me savor the taste even more. As I watched the thin trail of smoke drift away, both of us turned our gaze towards the hill. The wagon was approaching, tossing aside burnt paper. I gestured for Derek to begin and watched as he took a leave of the woods heading for the trail ahead. The line and path Lydon cased on both sides with towering trees as tracts of previous pass advise began its climb up the hill between steep and J cliffs given his size and build, Derek had a way of intimidate most men with his presence alone, which suited him best. Whatever he made use of his revolver up close, his name was all right. But at a distance, he was useless, showed anyone choose to run. That's where I come in with my bolt action rifle. Now there are weapons were pretty, but they worked. Old man Hendrickson came down. The hill is predicted as wagon cared forth by two horses of breast creeped alone were dug in south. Sword hindrance for Henry a perk for us. The old man traveled with not one but both of his boys this morning and near their them look to be in the mood for adult conversation that continued nonetheless onward towards my trusted associate waiting for them atop his horse, Martin began Derek, who purposefully kept himself shrouded to the full do creeping shadow. You would happen. No one could look for work, would you? Wagon trudging, Shadow puddles drew close upon willing No, answered the boy sitting in front beside his father, who recognized me. Tyler, now that we know of, Tyler clinched a double barrel shotgun resting in his lap. A boy couldn't be more 15 at most round eyes and puckered lips remained his most dominant features, a trade he shared with his old man. Minus, of course, the grand mutton chops Henry had connected at center with a mustache, somehow more wild in the old man side. Whiskers. Any chance I could tag along? Can't be too careful these days. If you don't have corn at settle for a hot meal in town, we got nothing. Fauria at a Dylan, a boy even younger years 13 at Gander, stood up with revolver, held both hand. Gun looked away more than him. His voice I and Pitch gave away his nervous state apart. Witness in the size of the stranger before back off, Mr Concluded Dylan is your pride, with all his might to **** the hammer. Dylan put that thing away before you shoot one of us ground Henry as he turned his gaze upon the boy. But father, do as I say now. No dealing. Keep ready. Tile equipped. Is he dream with a shotgun? He's right, Father way. Don't know this man. Just because things of Cobb late doesn't mean we shouldn't be cautious. The man is simply looking for work. Nothing more. Forgive my son, stranger. They could be rash, especially when such threats aren't needed. But they speak the truth. We have no work for you. You best be on your way and see what you can find. What, the day Still young? I think I have all I need right here, replied Wilma's. He drew his revolver Full view. Those on the wagon get boys were right, Derek aimed. Is gonna Tyler before the boy at any time to react before you think of pulling the trigger? I know that my colleague stands ready with their heads line ready. You're bluffing. Answer Tyler, his voice feeling to hide his anger and his fear is as though he kept firm upon the stock and barrel the shotgun debating If in fact, he could match this stranger for speed. I wouldn't do that, boy, unless you'd rather be the first to drop. Rebuked Wilma's He kept watching the wagon Now haven't slowed to a stop. I think these folks need to show how serious we are. You will. I took aim upon the wagon, seeing no need to spill the blood This day a slowed my breath and squeezed the trigger, letting my shoulder absorbed recoil amidst the smoke before me. Like outside of Henry and his sons, both of them dart in their heads back and forth between the wagon in the woods. Now that I have your attention, I'm gonna need you to. Was old there could say before **** went south, another shot reverberated through the woods, followed by another bullet lodged in itself in the wagon. The shot lied firmly between the father and sound. It was