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And now all 97 s motivational to offer the day today may sound but tomorrow might not. There you go. All 97 great memories. It brings back a lot of memories, great music, eighties and nineties. Yeah, this is Chicago's own 94.7 WLS Senate races in Nevada and Arizona are too close to call and a likely runoff in December for Georgia. There is one race in our state that is going to be moving to the December 6th runoff, keeping you informed on the latest news from Washington and around the US. This is News radio 11 20 KBNW Adulting is making plans and then praying to God to get canceled. Maybe I'll just fake my own death. I do not want to go to this party. Was it? The Maroon Five is headed to River Bend, August 28th and Q 102 has your tickets. But to win, you've got to tap that track whenever you hear a Maroon five song open the Q 102 app and tap the graphic for the song. But you've got to be fast because once the song ends, so does your chance to enter, download the Q 102 app and tap that track for Maroon five. Hello, this is Adam from five. Find out more at Wr dot com. Yesterday we gave thanks for everything we have. Now it's time to trample over your neighbors to buy that new flat screen. Happy Holidays. 102 jams. The biggest hits. Hi, it's Britney Spears. Hi, I'm Sam Smith. Play here. Hi. What's up? Yeah. Atlanta hit music channel. Channel 93 3. Just because the wife won't listen to you. Doesn't mean we won't. We value what you have to say. Memphis is news talk and sports. 600 WREC.