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0:00 - Sponsorship Narration (Voice)
0:15 - PSA (Voice)
0:32 - Radio Promo 1 (Voice)
0:48 - Radio Promo 2 (Voice)
0:59 - Radio Promo - Holiday (Voice)
1:13 - Character Voices
1:27 - Radio - Segment Intro (Voice)
1:45 - Singing/Harmony 1 (Voices)
1:56 - Singing 2 (Voice)
2:18 - Singing 3 (Voice)

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the faculty at Central Michigan University, educate, volunteer and spend money in our local community. They know a thriving community is important to you, your family and your Children. The faculty at Central Michigan University quality educators and so much more pull out your cell phone. Go on, Open up your contacts and get ready to put in a number one in four people live with a mental health condition. This means that someone in your classroom, your office on the beach in the airport or someone, you know, has probably had thoughts of suicide. The first four decades of rock from the 50s through the 80s top hits and deep cuts only on S. O. R. Radio where it's always your right to rock. Listen to what these folk critics are saying about the School of rock mortimer snored of the maya mimeograph says insipid, juvenile, but damn funny, we're positive. That's not what you want this year or any year. Happy holidays from the station that promises you holiday songs that don't make you want to gouge your ears out with a sprig of mistletoe. And now it's time for another episode of random texts read by Gilbert Godfrey. I'm aware that you're covered in glitter and body paint. We're showing the video later, Bring pizza. Sometimes people have said that 80 songs are like a kick in the head. They drive you mad, make you cry charge. You'll never know why. But still they play all through town, Call the police. There's a madman around playing those songs for chad and papa tray on eighties and eight. We might as well and naturally like the pine trees lining the winding road. I got a name, I got a name like to sing and croak in Toad. Got a name. Got a name. I do. Could it be? That's a phrase you thought never would phase you. Well baby, you better hold on tight because I'm the one who's supposed to kneel down and propose, well, alright, who I might, I might so kiss, I just sleep tight with the thought that you'll always be caught up in love with me and you'll dream that the stars up above have the answer of whether we'll be or whether we won't be in love. We are, yes, we are, who we are. We are more examples in full tracks are available at Jeff Smith Productions dot com.