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It was at that moment that the Golden Gate Bridge became an integral part of Bay Area life, as it remains to this day, an everyday reminder that the Bay Area is a place where nothing is impossible and dreams become reality. Hello and welcome to the audio simulation of one Vanderbilt observation deck. Please adjust your audio volume to a level that best represents my voice at a normal speaking volume toe a person standing next to you. Good afternoon, passengers. This is the pre boarding announcement for Flight 89 B to Rome were now inviting those passengers with small Children and any passengers requiring special assistance to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. It is the fruit of a huge amount of work and passion and incorporates our most innovative technologies working with the best technological partners in the world. This is an extraordinarily high performance car. It's 740 horsepower, in fact, makes it the most powerful road car Ferrari has ever built.