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I've done voiceover work for short and feature films

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Voice Over • Animation


This demo is an amalgamation of various voice over scripts Ive auditioned for representing my range and depth; of different accent, dialects, and tones.

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England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End), North American, US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Hey joe. You still there? Hello? Oh no, you were polishing that trophy then. Why? Showboat his theme. You liar. You guys might as well give up because I'm winning this one. Oh honey, not a chance. You heard from joe since he won Radio silence? Well, don't blame him. I'd be out of the Dodge too if I won a million dollars. Ain't. No way. The prize is $1 million. No kid. You've just hit a channel where you can hear the voices of the dead. Well aren't you just as sharp as a pool noodle. Now shut up. We don't want to miss the hunt because you're gabbing. No, of course not. Lou tells stories for our fox hunt. Now, would you kindly shut up batteries And I were not included. The new nerve ultra speed blast, seven darts per second, which can only mean one thing blink and you'll miss it. The new nerve alter speed. It's nerf or nothing. Now. What is going on here? Is that Mr Gretchen's telescope? I'm a mom, I know everything now. Come on, we're putting this thing back in Mr Grant's apartment and Sam thank you for watching Ellie, but shouldn't you be in the lobby doing your job? Well, maybe next time you can ask to use Mr grudges telescope. Did you at least see anything good batteries and I were not included Now, Earl, what the **** is wrong with you now you think you're having a heart attack? Are you sure it isn't gas. Oh ****. Sure I'll go get the hospital bag. We're taking your father to the hospital. No, not the baby bag. I have every right to protect my people and my kingdom. And if that means stepping on the people who get in the way then so be it today. I'm going to the park with my sisters. But what they don't know is I'm bringing a surprise with me honey, get me my cane. It's upstairs. I need it from my doctor's appointment son. I'm gonna need to go to the store, give me my purse from upstairs. I have the utmost respect for people who act civilly and know about fine dining scusa said the dis terrible mafia. Cosa questa said to Mana, No plans this weekend. No problem. Travel with your family today to the Rocky Mountains and enjoy a free night on us. Do you know my child? Where the secret stone is? I have been looking for ages.