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    Frat Boy Voices

    The frat boy is a male character who is involved in a fraternity, a chapter of a secret society found in universities. The frat boy is generally hedonistic, a fan of partying, sports and group activities. The frat boy is also highly dedicated to his fraternity, and regards them as brothers. Frat boys are often pretentious, seeing themselves as superior to people not involved in Greek letter organisations. Frat boys may also be more wealthy, academically inclined, and possess positions of power in the future. Frat boys are also secretive about their fraternities. Frat boys may have some redeeming qualities as individuals, but as a collective, they have the poor reputation of being boisterous, self centred, drunk and crude.

    Frat boys are conformist to their fraternities. Frat boys are typically young adults, ranging from the ages of 18 to 25. Frat boys can be seen most commonly on university campuses and in fraternity houses. Frat boys can be seen in movies about university life. You can learn how to be a frat boy by observing movies with the frat boy character, as well as emphasising selfish and unruly traits in your voice acting.