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eLearning samples showcasing Jenny's vocal signature, which is warm and playful to smart and conversational. Her vocal age range spans from perky teen gal, to believable millennial, to caring, middle age woman. She is your relatable girl (or mom) next door that can easily connect with your audience.

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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all through junior high school. You just waited to be old enough to work here and here you are. Claire's is a wonderful experience for every girl shopping here. Think about you at 12 the elated squeals picking up and putting down every single pair of earrings in the store, leaving open every single freaking fuzzy person bobble box. Those were the days a newsflash, you were a huge pain in the *** and now you get to keep the store intact while smiling at hoards of 12 year old. You first stop plan to Graham's tap the diamond to start HSBc's card. Member services representatives do more than provide service to our customers. They instill confidence and ensure each card member is treated to an experience unique to HsBC module. One will familiarize you with. Look some of the messages you get from adults seem pretty patronizing. Let's be real. Most high schoolers try alcohol at some point and most probably try a joint along the way too. And after all if these things are mostly legal when you're 21, what's the big deal about trying them when you're 16. Right? But alcohol and marijuana do have consequences. I'm here to talk about the real world outcomes of choosing to try them. You must be queen of the catnap. I looked like a zombie until our twins were two. Thanks. I'm happy to be back. But but Miranda, you're one of our greatest assets and we know what it's like. We want you to come back when you and those babies already and in the meantime we can pay what you'd receive under your short term disability benefit, safety and tolerable. Itty evaluations included extra parameter symptoms, E. P. S. Weight gain and Q. T. C. Interval, both app doses and 10 mg. How produced significant improvements from baseline in pans, total pans positive and significantly lower C. G. I. Improvement scores, both app doses and how separated from placebo for pans total scores at week two.