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Here's an example of me just being me - I explain my voice over background and the difference between my reporting voice and my friendly conversational voice!

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testing, testing. What is going on? Casting directors. My name is Jesse Price, and this is my voice. I'm new to voiceovers for advertisements. Well, sort of, but not new to voicing scripts and videos. I have a background in broadcast reporting where he turned my voice into a slightly more authoritative voice. Basically, by emphasizing specific words, I'll try to upload a few of my breaking news reports to this profile leader. But here is an example of that, switching to some breaking news right now. A crash off I five happened just minutes ago, near mile 1 26 Headed north bound, It appears as though one of the cars had lost control and flipped over, landing in the center lane. That accident caused four other vehicles to slam on their brakes. No huge damage to those cars, authorities are saying. No one is in critical condition, but two were taken to the hospital. We'll have an update for you. Next on T y x p a Channel 14 after the break. So, yeah, that was kind of an example of my reporting voice. It's a little more deep and authoritative than my usual voice. A little less energetic than my radio voice, which is fun and engaging. Yeah, I decided I'd make a profile and share My voice on voice is dot com After two guys at my waitressing job commented on my husky voice told me I should look into doing some voiceovers on the side. It sounds like a fun time. Always wanted to get paid to talk Hence, why work in radio now? So if you like what you're hearing, reach out to me I'd love to send you some more demos. I hope you all are having a good day. Bye.