Caught in the act and still selling

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A park ranger for a small forest resort trying to change the subject.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Irish (General) North American (General)


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Oh, well, hello there. Uh, it's a pleasure to be making your acquaintance. As you can see, you've wanted yourself into quite lovely part of this year. Would Ondo what you're thinking our entire leper cone. The answer of Carson? No, I'm just from the park Ranger station who tends to use this area to take care of our my own. Be up, up a please stand directly down wind as the smell tends to travel. I see from your map that you're old and you're looking for the Sandymount in a tree. Well, you'll be needing to go back a few 100 feet, then make a right full the path till you hear the sound of pirates sharpen in quick succession. It's one of our most sought after amenities. Legend has it that a certain short haired country singer create his best solo hidden listening to their melody