Jacob Steele Longino VO Demo Reel



This demo contains voice over demo containing example readings for entertainment ads including radio & television as well as character reads for Video games.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Jacob Blongino Demo Reel Demo one event, Special occasion commercial Getting Married this year. Want to send that special someone a special surprise? Whatever the event, upside down, flowers will ensure that any day is made special with the best hand cut flowers in town. We offer a premier delivery service directly to your venue, and we'll take care of all the set up. We wanna make sure that your event is beautiful and stress free. Call us today at 5551236899 and grab some great flowers to turn any event into a happy one. Turn any frown upside down with upside down flowers. Demo to entertainment Jaguar Channel Four business hopefuls are selected to pitch their business ideas to a panel of business executives. One of them will leave the boardroom with cash in hand to kick start their business. Entrepreneur Juniper Styles sits on the panel as a celebrity judge this week and makes a splash in the boardroom that you won't want to miss. All this and more on Jaguar Cable 47 Demo three Talking toy Welcome players. I hope you're ready for this next chapter here We are in London, England, home of the British monarchy. Last Saturday night, someone stole the hands from Big Ben. Now he no longer ticks. We need you to get them back before time is lost forever. Ready for your first clue in this British Hall of History, find a room where you can read and seek out a book that contains the number two demo. Four video game Gleaves Voiceover Glebe comes to a fork in the road on his journey. Which way should I go? Selects left. Let's go on this way. Walking through the enchanted forest Oh, as Glebe walks through the enchanted forest, his awestruck by all of the fireflies and mystical animals, a ah floating arrow is pointing down towards the ground. Glebe stoops down to investigate. This looks like a map. The map highlights a trail pointing to the in point, which looks like a castle. I'll follow the trail to be careful. I bet that's where Bobo with. I'm going to need some supply. First, Glebe excitedly starts to run to different parts of the forest. There must be other clues in this fourth. Let's find them. Jacob Longino phone number 214 2289106