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this is your problem saul you think trying to make things like they used to be between us will make everything better. But it won't because we're different people. We don't work together anymore. We're not happy. And the only way to be happy is for us to move forward in a separate directions. I'm sorry, but I have to say goodbye today. It's your fault that this trip is so terrible. But I'm the one who fixes it as well. It wouldn't have needed fixing if you didn't cause these problems in the first place. Well what came first? The chicken or the egg? You're not going to win me back with a rental? Here's a riddle. Yeah. The more this goes on, the more I realize we matter less and less. We live and die on the whim of a universe that doesn't even know we're here. And even then the universe isn't constant. It could be ripped apart by the smallest non decision we or some intergalactic giant could make at any moment.