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are you more of a morning person? Or perhaps you prefer the late night hours. Most of us are either early birds or nine hours. This tendency is determined by an innate biological mechanism called the circadian clock. It increases melatonin secretion, which tells the body that it's time to go to sleep, sets the time we wake up and even controls. When we feel most alert. For night owls, though, the clock shifts forward in time, affecting many physiological processes and behaviors. If you're dealing with a delayed inner clock, you might experience difficulty falling asleep until late at night, which makes it hard to wake up in the morning and adjust to conventional daytime working hours, which may affect your work, productivity and overall daytime performance. The good news is that the circadian clock relies on environmental and physiological cues to sink with the light and dark cycle hues such as light exposure, melatonin intake, changes in your sleep and wake schedules. Eating habits and physical activity can be manipulated in your favor. Start improving your sleep for better nights and days