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many professionals in the electrical and building in construction industries rely on electrical tape to get the job done. That's why, sure tapes E V 77 professional grade electrical tape is built to meet the demands of the job. E V 77 is a UL listed all weather vinyl insulating tape used for electrical and mechanical protection and phasing tasks. It's problem. Eric Construction gives the tape improved elongation, allowing it to stretch and return to form quickly, a quality that is critical to achieving watertight seals. How can you determine whether your electrical tape measures up? We ask the pros when the job demands a tough conform a ble electrical tape for all weather performance and watertight seals. E V 77 delivers toe. Learn about our full portfolio of tape solutions for the electrical industry visits your tape dot com. That s h u r t a p e dot com. I want to give evey 77 a try. Request a sample that www dot s H u rt a p e dot com forward slash e v dash pro dash sample. While supplies last