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I'm johan keens Douglas ingenious today, brought to you by the Kiss baking company. If you're driving along the roadway and you see beautiful flowers, would you not slow down for you and your family to take in the breathtaking view? Well, this was the thinking of the residents of Long Newtown in Gloucestershire Britain. The purpose to act as natural speed traps for motorists, the travels of choice wildflowers. The village has a problem with fast moving through traffic between nearby towns. Almost all drivers moving through areas they frequent will break posted speed limits and neither a 30 mile per hour limit nor warning signs made any difference. Officials first planted flowers along the roadside during the pandemic to help improve biodiversity, but they noticed that along with attracting more wildlife, motorists were slowing down when they passed the flowers putting two and two together. The village is now relying on its flowers, thousands of them to do the work that the road signs could not. A crowdfunding campaign that has raised almost £8000 for the traffic calming measures will be used to fund a three year care program for the wildflowers. A sign that flashes and records data when people are breaking the 48 kilometers speed limit was also installed by the council and that's your genius for today. If you have a good news story that you'd like to share with us, please send it to good news at Isaac 981 dot com. I'm johan keens Douglas, our genius segment was brought to you by the Kiss baking company