Calling Season-There is only one you.



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for while we like to believe we're each special, that truth can also be isolating and even frightening. Some of our most destructive pathologies are rooted in an exaggerated sense of uniqueness. To believe. For instance, that God loves all people, forgives all people, but just not me is a kind of insecurity that is a lot like its sister pride. Conversely to believe God loves me more and needs to forgive me less than he does other people is basically the same malady. So it is that the tributaries of both pride and insecurity are mutations of uniqueness. When we are feeling proud, we need the balancing of calm analogy to humble us when we are feeling flawed and insecure. We likewise need the balance of shared human experience to lift us. You are not alone in the experience of this life and yet you experience it in a way that is utterly unique to you.