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A phone app to send users to sleep. This is one of a few stories that I read for Sleepiest.

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Young Adult (18-35)




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tonight. Join me Josephine Croft as we indulge in the sweet Storey that the month of May time tells of the Children she takes under her wing and showers with GIF ts that the month always brings. This is Mei's Garden from the Storey. The New Year's Bargain By Susan Coleridge The chicks throw day by day. Their legs grew strong. They're yellow bodies round and full and their calls for food more clamorous. As the snow melted and the sun made warm spots on the earth, they began to run from the cottage door and poke and scratch about with their bills. But they always came back to the basket to slay and thick cloud prepared their food and watched over them as well as any old hen could have done. She found time for this. In the midst of other work, there was much to do. After a whole month's neglect, the house needed cleaning and setting to rights, and the yuan for the new suit must be finished at once. The busy real hummed and word more noisily than ever in the afternoons, now growing along and bright and max is cold, quite cured, sat by with his carving tools as busy as she all together, the time flew rapidly, and the cheerfulness left by April's visit still lay upon the cottage. When the evening came from May to appear, there was no langer or dullness. This time, the half was cleanly swept and the door left ajar that the guests might see the light as she walked through the forest. But so quiet was her coming that her hand was on the latch before they knew it, and both of them jumped at the sound ofthe her knock. As she came in, they saw that a lamb was trotting beside her, held by a band of young spring grasses. Curiously, won't together. This is my present, she said. Judge if the Children danced for joy Elam, a rial lamb, all for their own, never was there anything like it. They pass it the pretty creature and lavish caresses upon him, until finally the chicks woke up at the stair pay ped cold and at last flew out from their baskets to see what was going on, and one of them flatted up onto the lamb's back, where he sat like a yellow buttercup on a bank of snow, may gazed upon the scene with a calm smile. Now she thought, at last, if you're quite done, I'll venture to remind you that my time's important business first and pleasure. After suppose you put off kissing that creature again until I am gone. Thus admonished, the Children reluctantly left the lamb tied by his grassy chain to the dresser and came back to the fire. So far, they had been almost too busy to look at May, but now they did. At first, Sechler thought her the sweetest thing she had ever seen. Her hair curled like the tendrils of a wild grapes. No shell was ever lined with lovely, a pink than the bloom off her cheek. But as she gazed, Sechler became aware of an expression which contradicted the tender lines of the face, a certain teasing look, a frostiness about the blue eyes which baffled and surprised her. The same quality appeared in her words and even in the soft voice, which asked them