Animation Reel General North American Accent

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Cool boy/dude/scared child/nurturing girl/sweet/big brother/sinister/dreamy/sad/confused

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North American (General) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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This game is red, by the way, you're gonna love it. But you were inside, didn't you see it? Didn't you see the trophies in the window? The dragon painted on the wall, the lamps. You're gonna be a laughing stock in junior high. All right. I'm just trying to save you a beating. I won't be there next year to help you out. Not too fast now, Angel bunny, you don't want to get a tummy ache. You really should eat more than that, don't you think this is my house? And you are my first guest in a long, long while. I dream of love. I dream of grand love. I just know that it's out of my reach. Nothing. I don't get it. It doesn't give enough information.