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election season. It's here. Remember who you vote for is a secret. But whether you vote is public information, your friends, family and neighbors can look up your voting record this year, Be sure to make a plan to vote Alabama. There's a pattern In a 2014 case involving a man convicted of abusing two underage girls. Judge Roy Monroe disagreed and wrote the dissenting opinion. Risking their lives was just part of the mission. Now it's our mission to get them back to work. and we can all help Visit hiring our heroes.org 2020 a year. We never want to repeat. Now with the worst behind us, we have a chance to keep a pandemic from devastating us again because President Biden has a $30 billion dollar plan for pandemic preparedness. Todd roads a week. Careerist at the Justice Department protecting liberal Obama holdovers and the deep state instead of following the rule of law. His incompetence and abuse of power have undermined. Congressional investigations led to stonewalling and tarnished the credibility of the Department of Justice. The american dream for Children in rural communities, it's slipping away. That gap between that dream and reality is shocking. From small business to manufacturing. America's tech innovators are driving economic growth and creating jobs. Tech isn't just a sector of our economy. It's critical to our economic infrastructure, but some Washington politicians support policies that will cause America's most innovative companies to fall behind these overreaching bills will strengthen our adversaries at a time where we're engaged in high stakes competition who will lead the future America or someone else