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0:00--E-Learning; 0:46--history; 1:15--commercial w/ music from BenSounds; 1:48--E-Learning #2; 2:05—commercial #2; 2:23--extended fiction, from \"Manalive\", by G.K. Chesterton, Ignatius publishing; 4:18--non-profit ad; 4:35--children's fairy tale. All other than Manalive are public domain

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hi and welcome to our on demand video Siri's from pitched to close, Designed to help you win new business. This course provides you with riel world selling strategies right across the sales cycle. Equipped with video modules, including sea level objection handling, qualifying opportunities, negotiating Best practices and MAWR. This is the perfect training program for anyone selling business to business products or services. By now, you should have completed your sales readiness Self assessment. Join us in the first module for prospecting new business and access the offline assignment that will help you on your personal learning path to supercharge your sales performance. Like many other philosophers who greatly extended our knowledge of nature, Galileo had a remarkable aptitude for the invention of instruments designed for philosophical research. To facilitate his practical work, we find that in 15 99 he had engaged a skilled workmen who was to live in his house and be constantly at hand to try the devices, which were forever springing from Galileo's fertile brain. Do you remember having authentic Italian pizza in Naples? The puffy, charred crust, the excess flour on your fingertips, the smell of tomato slices and mozzarella, the sumptuous texture that melted in your mouth. Do you remember having pizza in Naples? No. Make memories for your senses. TRAVEL ITALY Up to now, you've learned how to identify workplace hazards and how to report them to. Your supervisor in this module will discuss the hierarchy of control measures that can be used to eliminate hazards from the work process altogether. As a parent, I want to know that my kids are safe wherever they are. That includes writing in the car with the new carpool optic from solar. I can breathe easy, knowing my kids will arrive where they need to safely, whether I am the driver or not. Man Alive by G. K. Chesterton, narrated by Justin White. Nevertheless, Mrs Duke was pleased with her new guests. Concentration of courtesy upon herself, for no one ever spoke seriously to her any more than she listened seriously to anyone. And she almost beamed as the stranger with yet wider and almost whirling gestures of explanation with his huge hat and bag, apologized for having entered by the wall instead of the front door, he was understood to put it down to an unfortunate family tradition of neatness and care of his clothes. My mother was rather strict about it, to tell the truth, he said, lowering his voice to Mrs Duke. And when a man's been taught to be tidy and neat, it sticks to him. Mrs. Duke Weekly gasped that she was sure he must have had a good mother, but her niece seemed inclined to probe the matter further. You've got a funny idea of tidiness, she said. If it's jumping garden walls and clambering up garden trees, a man can't very well climb a tree. Titley, He can clear a wall neatly, said Michael Moon. I saw him do it. Smith seemed to be regarding the girl with genuine astonishment. My dear young lady, he said, I was tidying the tree. You don't want last year's hats there, do you any more than last year's leaves. The wind takes off the leaves, but it couldn't manage the hat. That wind, I suppose, has tidied whole forests today. Rum idea. This is that tidiness is a timid, quiet sort of thing. Why? Tidiness is a toil for giants. You can't tidy anything without untidy ing yourself. Just look at my trousers. Don't you know that, haven't you ever had a spring cleaning there. We all belong. Movement helps kids from around the world get access to quality education. We believe that every child belongs in school. Join us today by visiting our website and help us make their dreams a reality. Once upon a time, the king's youngest son became filled with the desire to go abroad and see the world. He got his father's permission to leave on an adventure, kissed his parents goodbye, mounted his black horse and galloped away down the high road. Soon the great towers of the old castle in which he had been born disappeared behind him.