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A friend put out a prompt for people to write monologues for their Shadow Self from the game Persona 5 confronting the Phantom Thieves and explaining their morals and why our shadow wants to kill the Shadow Thieves. I like how mine came out, so I thought I'd put it here for fun.

The description of the video gives the most context:
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Uh uh Oh, hey, you're here. At least I'm pretty sure you're the phantom thieves, right? The heroes of justice that purify the darkest hearts of beans and criminals. That's a pretty funny tagline for a nefarious bunch of murderers. But nevertheless, I'm a big fan of your work. Alright, guess calling you murderers is a bit unfair. Seeing is what you do is so much worse. See, I absolutely adore humanity, her morals, a rationality, the endless nuance and details, everything that defines what we are. It's just so cool. Similarly apologies of my abode here seems a bit plane, but I just couldn't think of a better place of Solis than a nice big observatory where I can just watch people be in such a big part of humanity of what people are is how they deal with their own darkness. Life is a constant struggle to face all the wrong you've done and want to do and not throw yourself into oncoming traffic. And the ways people do it are fascinating. Some people are so impossibly strong they can just suppress and divert their darkness for their whole lives. The signs of it's still show, but they never act on it. I'll never know how they do it, but my absolute favorite is the person who succumbs to that darkness for such a long time but then finds a way to curb its. Isn't it marvelous how humans can come to change? It just goes to show that any person is both inherently good in bed. But it's up to the individual to decide which traits that they want to show. External factors greatly influenced this decision, of course, but ultimately the greatest gift of humanity is that no matter what, who you are is your own choice. But you take that choice away. You perch the evil from a person's heart, leaving them no demon to face, no choice to make. And essentially you destroy their humanity, leaving a do gooder husk that looks kind of human. Honestly, I don't know how you sleep, but I'm not here to lecture you to reiterate my opening points. I think it's incredible a magical power to essentially kill a person without actually killing them, leaving a morally righteous drone how every leader, church and state isn't breaking down your door. Trying to recruit you to their cause is a wonder to me and what people would give to be good forever so easily. All my ideals aside, part of me would kill for that too. But if I want to be a human, can't take that way out. I need the evil within me as every person in the world does. We need to be able to learn and change and grow. But what you guys do takes all of that away. It's unforgivable, the darkest of evils, as far as I'm concerned. So ironically, I guess we'll have to purify you. But I lack your gifts so we'll have to employ simpler means before we fight. Do you mind if I ask you something? Will you still be human when you stop breathing?