Animated, Articulate, Bubbly, Caring, Casual, Charismatic, Friendly, Helpful, Trustworthy, Youthful

Video Narration


This demo showcases my voices for commercials. My voice style fits companies that are looking for an articulate, professional, youthful voice to get their audience excited about the next best thing. These include announcements for theme parks, beauty products, medical spots, restaurants, clothing brands, and more!

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Sarah here, Value genius out here on the streets tell people about the best deals that could get. Oh, sir. Yeah, You could have saved 50 cents at the other place. What? You're welcome. And you know what the best deal in town is right now? The McDonald's MC pic two. Yeah, it's a deal so good it just needs to be shared at meta fast. We're transforming lives. One healthy habit at a time because everything we do today makes us stronger tomorrow. But Assoc Goody Dad Penman s constant battles Comas Manos Brazos PSE Beer nuts at intro Mantra of Columbia Istan movie Manbo ik witnesses me meals disguised as Yes. I used to think getting rid of my breakouts took a ton of work. But all it takes is one simple step washing my face. Neutrogena Oil free acne wash A powerful cleanser and acne treatment in one Carney. I'm telling you, it's true if you drop by during their stuff into spring sale because a big on old Navy's most family friendly styles I spent a long time denying it, but I admit it now. I haven't l a food drug thing. It started with just a simple pine appreciation. So sure, I followed some on social media hashtag bright lights, Big city