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This is my E Learning Training Corporate Narration Demo that shows various conversational reads from casual/hip to authoritative

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Young Adult (18-35)


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So you thought it was going to be simple, right? Just make change. Rotate the hot dogs every five days, where they turn green and oclock the story machine when whatever flavor of the month comes it up well. Working at 7 11 is a bit more complicated than that. First of all, it's not 1982 are hot, dogs are made fresh twice a day, and we never sell old stock and are Slurpee. Machines only needs servicing once a month. So what are your responsibilities? As a 7 11 employees click forward to find out at American Airlines? We recognize that flying can be a little scary for some folks. Most people know that flying is safer than driving or even riding a bike, but it can still be a difficult experience if you aren't used to it. Let's look at some tips for nervous flyers. Marcus has nine marbles, Kelly has seven marbles and Jimmy has six marbles. If Marcus Kelly and Jimmy at Author marbles together, how Maney marbles did they have? That's right. They have 22 marvels. Good job, Mrs Johnson. We appreciate your loyalty is a Hilton Honors diamond member, but I'm afraid the hotel is sold out. We just don't have an upgrade to offer you today. That is disappointing. I understand. Can I offer you a voucher for the snack shop or some extra Hilton Honors points? Instead, we do value your business. Bank of America Reporting Compliance Level one. In this module, you will learn about federal reporting requirements for Bank of America account agents. We will cover transaction amounts that trigger reporting requirements, structuring cash deposits, signs of human trafficking, terrorism and fraud, except the next key to move to the next slide.