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Keaton - Game Trailer - Sportscaster - Big Personality - Bold - Funny

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Mhm Hey the fairway is open once again tee off in the latest installment of the Mario golf series. Coming to Nintendo switch, study the wind and terrain, take your time to think things through, then swing, enjoy golfing with familiar mushroom kingdom characters on course is filled with lush natural scenery, use features on the greens like a shot gauge to see how your shot will curve due to slopes and a scan that lets you examine of course is terrain. These features can help you ace your shots. In addition to button controls, you can also use motion controls by holding a joy con controller like a golf club, gently swing the controller to have your character swing in the game, letting you easily enjoy the sensation of golfing on top of all that. There are several modes with new elements that truly bring the heat to Mario golf, including this one speed golf here, it's always your turn, Everyone tees off at the same time, then you'll race through the course to reach your ball, give it another whack to get it closer to the hole, then keep going outpace your opponents to come out on top. Your golfing skills aren't the only things that play, make use of dashes and special shots to beat the competition. Oh did we mention story mode as a meat character, You'll start out as a rookie and develop your golfing skills while interacting with various mushroom kingdom characters level up with experience points earned during matches, then allocate points to different stats, allowing you to develop your character however you'd like, you can also use your ME in versus play, put your golfing skills to the test. When Mario golf Super Rush swings onto Nintendo switch, june 25th. Preorders begin on Nintendo eshop after this presentation.