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Reading \"Pigeon Pie\", a short story featured in the children's book, \"Squids Will Be Squids\" by John Scieszka and Lane Smith.

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Pigeon was a very good artist, but she had one very annoying habit: every time she finished a painting, she would show it and say, "It's not very good," just to get someone to say, "Oh, no pigeon, that's very good." One day after she had chased everyone else away with her annoying habit, she showed her painting to Sabertooth Tiger. "Oh, look at my painting," said Pigeon. "It's not very good." Sabertooth Tiger licked his long saber teeth. "Oh no, Pigeon, that's very good. I'm sure it will be perfect roasted or fried or even baked in a pie." Pigeon was puzzled. She had painted a sad eyed clown. Then she noticed Sabertooth Tiger wasn't looking at the painting, but it was too late, and... The end of this fable is too messy to even tell. Moral: Whatever looks like a pigeon and acts like a pigeon, usually makes good pigeon pie.