I have worked for some local plays as voice .English, Hindi language

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He's Amanda is a Scorpio. We, you look like a little piece of ****. Um oh are you talking to me? You, you, you're saying that to me that to me? Oh boy. Oh boy. What's that you're wearing? Oh my God. What's that? Is that a local branch? Oh my God. They can't afford a brandish Children. You heard coming on to me. See yourself, man. Go see yourself. Oh my God. Oh, shame on you. Oh Are you saying that to me? Do you know who I am? Do, do dude, relax? You don't have to go that way. We can chill, buddy. Just, just sit down and we can, I can, should I grab you a beer? You want a beer? Ah, I know you want a beer? You want a beer, right? I'll be right to you. Just wait. Oh my God. That was so scary. You was that person. Yeah. He was like, I was like to demonic personality, dude. I'm telling you he's into something. He is something I'm warning you to stay away from that person. No, man, I don't think so. Yeah, dude, you should consider what I'm saying. Hey, relax. I'll just give him a beer and a snack bar and he will be good. You sure about that? Yeah. Just, just tell the cheerleader to be stay away from her. You know, she's not a, she's not a good person and she says mean things, but dude, he's a bully. So what, he's a boy. What do you mean? Dude? And that girl? Well, whatever. Just get out of you. Ok, man. Ok, man, you don't have to be that I'm going OK? Just, just forget it.