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hildegard speaks about her visions, how she gets them down. join us on the hilde guard way from cairn to monzen again, stopping to admire the heights of the saint johannesburg church in hostetter. down from here, we have a wonderful view of the n valley. before we continue on to moan. again. our station is beside the old protestant church on top of the hill. lately, many people have called me the cyrus of the rhine. and many know that i have composed songs to the honor of god, the virgin and the saints. how can i explain that all this belongs together? yes, i have always been a seeing listener and a listening series. in the third year of my life, i saw such a great light that my soul trembled yet because of my childhood, i was unable to talk about it until my 15th year. i saw much and i talked about some of it so that those who heard this were amazed and wondered where and who it came from. therefore, i wondered myself that i while deeply looking into my soul, my outward sight remained and that i heard about this from no other soul. therefore, i kept secret, this vision that i saw my soul as much as i could do. only at the age of 43. have i revealed myself about this to my dear brother volmar? at that time, a heavy illness had laid me low. then i had to acknowledge that i could no longer resist god's will that i reveal myself about my visions in my book, know the ways the lich i then put down all the visions that i've had. since then. in these visions, god gave me an insight in the position of the human being in the cosmos and his story with the mankind from creation to incarnation and redemption to the last judgment. and much later in my life, when i was already 79 years old, it was the curious walloon monk guibert of jean blow to write about my visionary experience myself. thus, my vision reaches out to the most diverse people, even in far away countries and places i receive this vision, not with my physical ears, nor in the fantasy of my heart. and also not through the mediation of my five senses. rather i see and hear this only in my soul and with my eyes open so that i never suffer the exhaustion of an ecstasy. in this vision, i have seen the living light and in the shadow of the living light, many scriptures, words, virtues, and some works of the human beings have literally blazed everything i have seen in this light, i keep in my memory for a long time because in this vision i see, hear and know all at once. and at the same time i learned what i know in an instant.