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These 4 narration demos convey the breadth of my skills - from travel narration to true crime to documentaries to do-it-yourself videos.

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In 2004, Shonda Rhimes wrote the pilot for a new medical drama, Grey's anatomy. It was unlike anything on television. The majority of the cast were women, including the lead characters and the storylines focused on issues that most networks wouldn't touch. But the writing was so good that ACC knew it was worth the risk. When you think of Hawaii, you probably imagine lazy afternoons on a powdery beach with a cold drink beneath the swaying palm tree. But if you're up for it, Hawaii has plenty of opportunities for adventure with hiking trails along ancient lava flows and dramatic views atop Oceanside cliffs. According to the fire marshal's report, the fire that killed Alison Vasquez started in the back. Then the question was, how did it begin? The den had very light electrical wiring, so that didn't seem likely and there was no fireplace or candles. Then investigators detected trace amounts of kerosene common in many arson cases organizing your kitchen can seem like a monumental task. All those pots and pans, but with the right plan you can organize your kitchen once and for all. First think beyond cabinets. Some things don't stack well, looking at you pots. So consider another way of storing them like hanging them from an overhead rack