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you wouldn't wear a man's shoe. So why wear his socks for years? Sports socks have been made to fit one ft shape A man's Fox River has changed all that. Fox River for women's socks are uniquely designed with a rounded toe area and flex, stretch heels to fit our feet. Fox River, clever engineering. You can feel what happens when style and intelligence spend time together. You get the G. E. Profile refrigerator, the freezers on the bottom, the refrigerators on the top. So the design isn't just easy on the eyes. It makes all your fresh food easy to see and reach. Don't just shave, throw your legs a tea party Gillette's new satin care, green tea shaved gel. It's exotic. Re energizing fragrance has moisture rich skin. Nourishing vitamins that leave legs feeling soft and satiny, smooth legs. Love satin. When you're worried about your little patients cough or cold, it's nice to have a name. You trust robots in pediatric formulas have a great cherry taste and our alcohol free robot assassin medicines your kids won't mind taking and you'll feel good about giving design the perfect engagement ring. In just minutes you'll have the rest of your life to design the perfect husband visit a diamond is forever dot com