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Audio from voice over I did for GrandCanyonTV

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tonight was the night of this epic Spiderman. No way home Cinematic event everyone's been talking about. I hate it when people spoil movies for me. So I won't tell you anything that happens other than the fact that Zendaya was looking damn fine bing bong. When the movie was over, I'd returned to my 2013 Forest Green Subaru Forester to find that the engine wouldn't start and suddenly I realized that I had No way home. I remember that Flagstaff Arizona has a great public bus system called the mountain lion. So I pulled up the app on my 2018 iPhone XS, but the app suggested that I had no way home. I started running for the closest mountain lion bus stop but it was too late and it seemed that I might have no way home. Hello peter. When the next mountain line bus arrived, the driver told me that I needed a mask to ride the bus and again, I felt I had no way home. Then I remembered that the Flagstaff mall was right there, so I ran for the entrance and figured I could purchase a mask to use to ride the Mountain Lion. I felt I wasn't quite punk rock enough to shop at hot topic. See I fancy myself as more of a skate punk so I ducked inside zoom ease in their covid mask been. I found this mask with a price tag of one cent. I flipped it over and found it was totally out of style, but I just needed something to get me on the Mountain line, Zuma's clerk was so chill. he gave me 21 set masks and pulled two pennies out of the habit. Penny give a penny, been to pay for them for me, shoutouts to zoom is Flagstaff. As I was applying my new boat face mask, the Mountain Lion whipped right past me. The driver had told me. The last bus to my neighborhood was at 9 55 and for the fifth time that night, it seemed I had no way home.