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This is an online commercial spot recorded and edited in Prague, Czech Republic. I am the voice of Tracy.

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Hi, I'm Tracy, this is my husband nick and this is our little son Justin before Justin grows up, he'll appear on thousands of pictures but the most important photo will always be his first one. That's why Chichibu is here. A great simple tool that will allow me to let people know that Justin is here when Justin was born, I was the luckiest woman alive. I immediately wanted to show him to my mom, my dad and all my friends but my parents live in boston while we live in Chicago. My best friend Monica who was also a mother, now lives in paris and my friends live all around the world. Some of them as well as my parents don't use any of the social networking tools. The easiest way to show newborn Justin to all of them is through Chichibu. I upload the picture center it and fill in basic information like his day of birth, weight, height and place of birth save and here we go. It didn't even take one minute I can hit the like button to show just into my facebook friends or I can email the link, I can add more photos but never more than 20 so I'd better choose carefully. Dot com is an awesome way to let my family and friends see how my sweetheart is doing