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    Soccer Mom Voices

    The soccer mom is a female character with children. The soccer mom character is often stressed or overworked. The soccer mom character is constantly taking her children to events, driving them to and from home. The soccer mom character is a very busy character, with a tight schedule as a result of these responsibilities. The soccer mom character usually lives in the suburbs and comes from a middle class background, though this is merely a generality. The soccer mom character is highly supportive of her children, and will go to great efforts to ensure they do well in their extracurricular activities.

    The soccer mom character often has trouble balancing work-life balance, especially when her children are members of multiple clubs or teams. The soccer mom character may be very stressed, with tension or irritability in her voice during transitional periods, such as when driving and getting her children ready to leave the house. When soccer mom characters are at an event, they often yell very loudly, and in a bold manner, expressing their support and encouraging their children. Soccer mom characters also tend to brag about their children, and have a prideful tone when mentioning them. Some soccer mom characters may be very focused on extracurriculars, signing their children up for more than both the mother or child can handle; and may place undue pressure on their children.

    Soccer moms can most frequently be seen at youth sports games. Soccer mom characters may also appear in sports television shows and movies. Soccer moms may appear in children’s entertainment as well. By mastering the use of a stressed voice and embodying a frantic demeanour, and through the honing of your ability to passionately shout for an extended period of time, you can be sure to land a job with your practised soccer mom voice.