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Young voice character actor looking to bring your project to life.

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Voice Character Actor. Looking to create your character for your project. Very creative teen looking to bring your project to life.

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


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Otis, you're supposed to make our science project a little worse. This looks like it was made by a four year old and some raccoons, but not like rabies root through your garbage raccoons like petting ze raccoons. Um If they have those hi Mr play nerd remember me, the girl who lives down the street for the last 12 years and has the exact same conversation with you almost every single day. And his name is Oh, so close. It's lewd ith but thanks for playing. We've got some lovely parting gifts. Build a fort seriously. We just broke into a government facility and your big plan is to build a fort. Oh that's a great idea. I'm gonna put build afford on a T shirt and sell a million of them and use the proceeds to bail your scrawny bottoms out of federal prison after you get caught the livestream, that's what we call the source of life on our planet, where every living thing begins and ends. The shiner Electric Power Company found a way to use the live stream as an energy source, which they called Mcu it's just like Denzel is cloud sick. Why don't you ever listen to us to our problems? Please please don't take Denzel away. No, not till Cloud gets back. Cloud Denzel and and to he's coming home with me. Yay, I'm not tool up, I was never tool up, I'm not foil, I'm not reflections, I'm not a silver, I'm not a null. I'm not any of the hundreds of names that everyone wants to give me, I'm my own person who is getting off this train and whatever gear or lights or reality bending buttons. You've gotta press. You're gonna do it. Mhm. No, no, give me my exit. Give me a number then. Fine. Give me some trails. Whatever. Take my memories. Take me, I don't care. Let's do it. Make it work that way. That's what conductors do. That sounds great. Give everyone stickers. Just let me off this train, jesse. His name is Jesse in process. Then he's back on the train. Alan dracula, Jesse, Jesse, Are you okay? You mean go inside his memories? It seems wrong. I'll go with you. I didn't realize he was so scared. I guess I've changed too. Please don't show me this now. Will you wake him up? He's stuck in a loop. The train can't process it. Leave me alone. I won't go back. No, jesse. I was only trying to kill lease because he was trying to kill me 11 look, I have a number so you can give me an exit. That's how it works, right? So we can get our exit. Hey, Alan dracula, I'm I'm off the train. Yeah, yeah. Get it out of your system. Uh Hi Nate. I'm okay. I'm lake. Your brother's got good taste