Narration and singing chorus (all 3 voices) you can do it!

Video Narration


Chorus and narration by yours truly, Clifton McKnight... special thanks to Jameson Glover for your help in making this happen. Soundtrack also used in \"Miltons Buttons children's video\" of the book MILTON'S BUTTONS by Chelsea McKnight (Simpson)

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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If you're feeling down like life's holding you down, just take a minute and eternity is in it. Listen to the sound and turn your life around. Turn that frown upside down and use the gift of choice. You have a boss. Look within and begin. If you're feeling bad, don't look so sad. Boost yourself with the grim put pep in your step. You ain't done yet. Look within and begin if you send your goal But you feel out of control I know that it's going to work out. Some things take time. Just like fine wine. You just have to stay on a roll, listen to the sound and turn that frown upside down. You have the gift of choice. Yeah, you have a voice, you look within and begin. Begin and begin